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Our team constantly stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in tools, techstack and technology. Instead of choosing techstacks based on their popularity, our experts analyse each individual use-case before selecting every single techstack or dependency for projects. This impeccable quality of ours has helped us to consistently exceed the expectations set by our clients.


Zizera is a company that develops online catalogues and content management systems for eCommerce. The company aims to help eCommerce clients connect with their customers in a better way and build their brand. We work closely with Zizera for maintaining and updating their online catalogues. We also pioneered the development of the agent portal model, which allowed for agents to quickly create a personalized online catalogue which can be shared with leads and prospects without breaking any sweat.


Framsokn, or the Progressive Party is a centre-right, populist and agrarian political party in Iceland. We worked with representatives and associates from the party to develop their website in such a way that the content and design of the site retains and reflects the ideologies of the party and its principles.


Veritas is the parent company of five other Icelandic companies operating in the healthcare market. Distica, one of Veritas’ child companies, deals with the warehousing, inventory management and distribution of healthcare products. We worked with Distica to develop their business website, which talks about their expertise, vision, values and capabilities. The site also consists of a data portal through which the available inventory and distribution information can be updated and monitored by authorised personnel.


Miðeind is a cutting-edge AI and NLP startup that works on developing NLP and AI solutions for the Icelandic language. We partnered with Miðeind to develop their company website. The site showcases Miðeind’s products and their expertise & capabilities in developing AI solutions tailored for the Icelandic language in an excellent way.


Grillmarkadurinn is a famous Icelandic restaurant located in Reykjavík, Iceland. It specialises in Barbeques and Grills. We spoke to the people at Grillmarkadurinn to understand their business, sketched and handcrafted their website from scratch. The website excellently retains and radiates the authenticity and ambience the restaurant provides to its visitors.


Fiskmarkadurinn is a famous seafood restaurant located in Reykjavík, Iceland. When the owners of Fiskmarkadurinn were looking to expand their reach through the online means, they got in touch with us. We worked closely with people at Fiskmarkadurinn and sculpted their website from the ground up.

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