Let’s create something together

Never force an artist to draw on plain canvas. Programmers, designers and managers are artist, they must have their own freedom and space to bring innovation on empty canvas.

Why Join us?

Because we’re the best Sports Tech company out there, and who doesn’t like being the best! As a high performing team, we’ve grown at a tremendous pace over the years, and when you are with us, you get to experience it too!

Life at Roanuz

At Roanuz, life is a fine blend of fun, challenges and excitement. We are committed to giving our team members experiences that are memorable, if not life-changing!

Your work is your responsibility

Get as flexible as much as you want to, sit back, relax and work at the time of the day when you feel energetic!

Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight!

At Roanuz, fun begins on Day 01. Buckle yourself up, and get ready for the amusement!

No more lifeless cubicles

When creativity flows in liberty, why lock your minds inside cabins and cubicles?

Sports Fridays, a Roanuz concept!

For the love of sports, no matter how busy we are, we get out and play pretty often. Cricket, ping pong, volleyball, you name it, we play it!

Our team’s welfare is ours too

We’re building an inclusive economy where all sellers have equal access to opportunity. We strive to live by these same values in all our workplaces.

Your well-being is our lifeline

Our growth relies on the well-being of our team. When we say we are family, we mean it. Our employees are entitled to medical insurance coverage up to Rs. 5 Lakhs.

Keep learning, keep growing

Building best-in-class products requires continuous learning. All our employees enjoy annual allowances of up to Rs.32,000 to learn and upskill themselves.

Don’t miss the joy of parenting

Parenting is a wonderful experience. The moment one becomes a parent is priceless! Our team enjoys paid maternal, as well as paternal leave to welcome their greatest gifts in life.

Commute without worries

A safe, hassle-free commute can have a huge influence on productivity. All our employees enjoy convenient cab options for commuting from different parts of the city.

A New-age leave policy

Our employees are entitled to a paid casual leave of two days per month. And since no exciting trip ends in two days, we offer them the option to carry forward their unused casual leaves!

For the love of food!

At the office, our day begins with a continental breakfast. We’ve even got a kitchen so that when you finally fix that annoying bug, you can treat yourself to a sandwich!

If you love sports, building products, or can sell software as if they were hotcakes, we would love to have you on board!

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