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We have been in the sports tech space for over eight years. Over these years, we have worked with various firms, ranging from startups & enterprises to clubs & franchises and helped them launch exciting products in the rapidly changing sports industry. When it comes to sports apps and sports tech infrastructure, our expertise is simply the best!


Vörður is the first-choice insurance service provider to individuals, families and corporate customers in Iceland. At Roanuz, we joined hands with the best minds at Vörður, to develop a gamified platform based on the game of Golf. As users navigate their way through a Golf Quiz accumulating points, they are educated about the advantages of insurance along with a recommendation list of insurance products and offers.


SoccerSpecific is a sports technology company that aims at empowering soccer coaches in training athletes by tapping the potential of software. We worked with SoccerSpecific in designing the interface of their SessionPlanner application. With SessionPlanner, coaches can create activities and sessions, plan drills & strategies and share them with just a click.

Go-Pro Sports

Go-Pro Sports is a sports media, technology & training company based out of Dubai, UAE. We worked with Go-Pro Sports for building their training app, which allows for coaches and trainers to analyse the technical and fitness aspects and progressions of athletes, review their performances and get scopes and insights for improvement.

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