IPL 2023

Tata IPL 2023-The stage is set

Dec. 23, 2022

The stage has been set for the world's largest domestic T20 tournament. The auction is scheduled for December 23rd, 2022, in Kochi, and everyone's focus is set on the best-shortlisted players. The games have already begun even before the first match and it is interesting to see all of the teams implement their tactics and employ all kinds of strategies to create their perfect version of an IPL winning team.

Bidding War

The opening five sets for the IPL 2023 auction are out! The first set comprises Batters, secondly, we, have the Bowlers, then Wicket keepers and moving on to Fast Bowlers, and finally the Spin Bowlers. A total of 991 players had put down their names for the auction, out of the 369 players were shortlisted by 10 franchises and, 36 new additions were made with a special request put down by the IPL franchise. The list contains a total of 405 players, 273 are Indians, 132 and are overseas players. This season is different in many ways, let's have a look at it.

What’s different about this year's IPL auction?

Let's take a closer look at how the IPL 2023 is different from the past and the rules set by the franchise.

An Extended Wallet

An additional spend of ₹5 crores has been put down excluding the remaining wallet from the mini-auction to all the IPL franchises. This resulted from the inclusion of additional players at the last minute of the IPL auction.

The Silent Written Bid

A silent written bid will be made if two teams offer the same price for the same player. The winning team will enter a secret bid, which will be written down by both sides. This is done in a unique situation where neither team has the necessary funds to seal the contract with the player.

The Player Limit

When it comes to Indian players, a team can have no more than 17 Indian players in a single team and as for the domestic players, a total of 25 players are permitted by the BCCI. On the other hand in the case of International players, a team is not allowed more than 8 players.

The Minimum Spending Limit

Every team in IPL at the auction must spend a minimum of 75% of their total spend. For example, if CSK has a total of ₹15 crores in their wallet, they must spend a minimum of ₹11.25 Crores.

How data science plays an important role in IPL?

Data is information and information is data! Confusing right? Let me put it into simple words, runs scored in a match, no. of sixes hit, no. of wickets, average economy rate, all of this is nothing but data. We are surrounded by an enormous amount of data. Some of the data might not be useful, but there surely is useful data as well. So it is important to realize the right set of data. What does it mean for the IPL? In the recent past, IPL has started working with data analytic companies that analyze the player’s performance strategies for them. Apart from this data science is also used to bid for players in auctions, where they use the performance stats to analyze which would be the best player to bid on. In terms of batting metrics, hard-hitting ability equals more fours and sixes, or the finishing ability, consistency, and running and similarly the bowling metrics consist of economy rate, wicket-taking ability, consistency, and wicket-taking ability.
Predictions without data are just baseless assumptions

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