Introducing "Thursday Wine"
A practical AI framework

Creating a,
Web shop, giant stats or a bot in weeks
is like having a glass of wine. So smooth, easy and quick. Thursday wine does the magic for you. Thursday wine is a framework build backed by A.I, Machine learning and Big Data modules. Such Intelligent framework reduce dev hours and creates better user experience.

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Our Products

We do product services which either needs an AI or helps AI development. And we love big data.


Cricket API

you don't need a big team to build amazing cricket apps. Served more than 1 billion request in its first 1st year at Avg latency 0.003 seconds.

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Our Happy Customers

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Fly Cash

Fly Cash

Expense tracking as easy as chatting. Use simple text and emojis like Donut Pizza 10$ ” for recording your expense.

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Fly Cash
Spider Cricket

Intelligent Answers

Apple Siri, Amazon echo & Google home like answers for Cricket questions. And Stats & A.I API.

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Spider Cricket

Be part of innovation, come join us

Never force an artist to draw on plain canvas. Programmers, designers and managers are artist, they must have their own freedom and space to bring innovation on empty canvas. Every artists happiness and satisfaction is so important at Roanuz. We have a super culture filled with enough fun and we make sure artists are artists.

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Full stack Developer We are looking for full stack developer with knowledge on at least Python, Javascript, Cassandra, HTML, and CSS. And we offer you a great... Read more

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At Roanuz, we are making applications and services using practical artificial intelligence. Developing in-house AI framework, with a completely out-of-box technique. And our super culture, gives a great platform for staff to innovate and solve complex problems every day.